Coronavirus Update for the Crown Heights Community #2

Update #2: The Crown Heights medical leadership released a second update regarding coronavirus in the community and steps that should be taken.

(Going forward, all COVID-19 related updates for the Crown Heights community will also be posted on a dedicated site Please refer to this site to see all current and previous guidelines.)

The previous guidelines published here remain in full effect, with the following additional notes:

  • We believe that the local outbreak may be soon reaching a peak, and G-d willing we hope we can soon see decreasing numbers of those affected. It must be stressed that peak numbers imply that anyone may possibly be infectious and this presents a dangerous time for the elderly and infirm.
  • Therefore, staying away from the elderly and practicing social distancing are critically important.
  • Do not under any circumstances visit your elderly parents or friends unless there is a real necessity to do so.  Both those above 65 as well as those that have underlying health conditions should remain socially isolated at this time.
  • Young healthy individuals without symptoms, although not required to self-isolate at home, should nevertheless practice social distancing. This means not gathering in groups or clusters and maintaining distance from others when feasible.
  • Many of those with symptoms are showing signs of recovery, but if symptoms are progressing and getting worse instead of better after 4-5 days, you must seek help.
  • Those with symptoms who are now showing signs of recovery are assumed to be recovering from COVID-19. As previously posted, the DOH guidelines are that those recovering remain isolated for either a week after symptom onset or 72 hours after fever abatement, whichever is longer.
  • If you are symptomatic and recovering at home, and you live with an elderly person or someone at risk:
    • Isolate yourself from them as much as possible, including separate rooms etc, and wear a mask as much as possible.
  • If your family member is ill at home but you have no symptoms and are not above 65, you do not need to isolate yourself, however you should still practice social distancing.
  • For the shuls that choose to stay open, the following guidelines are critical:
    • Those above 65, those with underlying health issues, or those with symptoms MAY NOT attend.
    • Those that do not fall into any of those categories can attend providing that social distancing is practiced. This often means that shuls should limit the amount of people that can attend shul.

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen.

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