Coronavirus Update for Crown Heights #8

The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Eli Rosen, released an 8th update on the state of coronavirus in the Crown Heights community.

Medical updates:

As we progress into the 2nd week of this major outbreak, we are sure that the stark reality of the situation is appreciated by everyone. We pray together that all those in the hospital and at home recover quickly!

The biggest issue facing the community at this time is the fact that many people have now progressed into the second week of their illness and have not yet recovered. We want to STRESS the importance of drinking and eating, especially as taste buds seem to be affected; people are generally feeling very weak at this time and not inclined to go and get drinks for themselves. Walking around in the residence, if possible, is also important. 

Once again, if you or your family member becomes significantly short of breath, Hatzalah must be notified.

Family members of patients who are hospitalized are experiencing significant levels of anxiety, due to the inability to communicate with nurses, doctors, etc. in order to get medical updates. This is a very unfortunate reality of the battle ground that is the hospital today. We are trying to find a solution to this issue, and working with the hospitals.

Concerning Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) use: There is some evidence to suggest that Plaquenil may be somewhat effective. Up to this time the drug has either been used after the patient gets to hospital, or for those at risk starting on day 5 or beyond when they are not recovering. It is possible that the right strategy, if enough drug is available, would be to start the drug in any patient over 50, or with other medical conditions, at the onset of symptoms, and that is the current recommendation. This would also include those who remain ill after 5-7 days.

Zinc in a dose of 30 mg 2 x daily (over the counter may be helpful) as well.

There has been a recommendation to combine Plaquenil with Zithromax. As they do have some cumulative side effects, we are not making a blanket recommendation at this time.

Social services update:

COVID hotline: 


Some important points:

The hotline is staffed 9am-10pm daily; if the line is busy you can leave a message or call back. Outside of those times, you can leave a voicemail and someone will call you back.

The hotline is available for community support and addresses a broad range of questions. It is not a medical hotline per se, and while we may instruct people in line with appropriate available guidelines, medical questions of greater specificity or complexity will be directed to the appropriate resource.  

Mental health: is collaborating with many of our dedicated mental health professionals to add an option on the hotline for mental health support. IYH this will be available very soon, and the details will be posted shortly in a dedicated update. 

A big thank you to for hosting the hotline and lending technical support. 

Errand helpline: [email protected]

(the hotline can be called as well for errand help if there is a challenge with email)

Please email for any errand related questions or requests, as we continue to support those above age 65, those with underlying health conditions, and those with symptoms, who are self-isolating. 

Again, for anyone who can volunteer, even for one errand, please click here

– If anyone would like to donate something to help with the errand helpline, please email the same email, [email protected]

Isolation support – Adopt a friend program:

Message from Bikur Cholim

We are finding that those vulnerable to the virus in our community are also suffering from the emotional hardships they must endure to IYH stay healthy. The elderly, medically compromised, those with the virus and others are in physical isolation.

As a community we are helping them maintain physical isolation BH. We must also be aware of their emotional needs, connecting with them beyond the physical barriers. Bikur Cholim is starting an “adopt a bubby/zaidy/friend program”.

Volunteers will call their “adoptee” daily to check in on them. The phone call can be short, however the impact will be large.

To volunteer or to put a bubby/zaidy/friend in need on list please message Rochie Korolitzky 6466437127 or Miriam Meltzer 9142611917.

Please be sure to ask someone if they would like to be added before you request it.

Additionally, please allow some response time during this very busy time. Thank you!

Wishing everyone good health and a speedy recovery.

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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