Coronavirus Update for Crown Heights #7

The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Eli Rosen released a 7th update on the state of coronavirus in the Crown Heights community, addressing symptoms, mental health and social services.

Medical updates:

As this outbreak progresses, we are entering into a phase where increasing amounts of people have been sick for a week or more. Symptoms most common to this phase seem to be profound weakness, persistent fever, and cough. Remember to continue hydrating and eating. If possible, get out of bed and walk around the house often.  

However, please BE AWARE that this is also the time when we need to be concerned for pneumonia. The most important symptom of worrisome pneumonia is persistent shortness of breath that significantly worsens on exertion.  

The members of Hatzalah continue to function heroically under incredible pressure but want you to know that if you are experiencing significant symptoms related to the above you need to call.

Mental health updates:

Many families are becoming increasingly stressed by anxiety, isolation, illness, and social deprivation.  We are trying to set up mental health support for anyone who needs it, free of charge, at this time. We will keep the community posted.

Social services updates:

COVID hotline: The Gedaliah Society COVID hotline (212-901-2000) is open today, Friday, until 5 pm. We will be closed over Shabbos. The hotline will re-open on Motzei Shabbos from 8-11 pm. A big thank you to for hosting the hotline and lending technical support. 

Isolating Together Helpline (help with errands etc) 

The helpline will be closed as of 2 pm Friday. You may still send an email to [email protected] and someone will follow-up with you on Sunday. If there is an emergency or someone cannot use email, you can call the COVID hotline (212-901-2000). 

We still are in desperate need of volunteers for the Isolating Together Helpline. If you’ve already volunteered, thank you! If you are able to volunteer, please click here

A special thank you to our army of dedicated volunteers across this beautiful community, the Bakerie, Bikur Cholim, Benjy Stock, Shaul Wolf, and of course the heros of Hatzalah.

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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