Coronavirus Update For Crown Heights #6

The Gedalya Society in conjunction with Dr. Eli Rosen released another update regarding drugs and COVID-19.

Drugs and COVID

Multiple different drug regimens have been tried in many centers over the past few weeks. Recommendations and protocols are changing daily. None of these treatments have at this time stood up to rigorous testing with proven results. However in the current emergency situation, every possible agent is being tried. One of these is hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) that the president spoke about this morning.

Following the president’s press conference, there has been a massive demand for Plaquenil. At this time there is minimal or no Plaquenil available. The pharmacies are obviously working to procure a supply. Given the current shortage we ask people not to hoard the drug in any way and allow those who may most benefit now access to the limited supply. Please be aware this is a drug with multiple known side effects that relate to the central nervous system, the eye, the heart, and skin in particular. At this time, locally, whatever supplies are available should be reserved for high risk patients who have not recovered after the first few days of illness. If supplies become freely available we will update as needed.COVID hotline:212-901-2000

Isolation support helpline:[email protected](or call the hotline if needed)

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– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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