Coronavirus Update for Crown Heights #13

In the latest update from the Gedaliah Society and Dr. Eli Rosen they discuss when can one leave isolation, and polices for Pesach. 

Although we continue to see some new cases, many members of our community are now recovering from their illness, and questions are arising about under what circumstances patients who recover can now leave their homes. 

Our position is that of the NYC DOH guidelines: Two things must occur for a patient to be considered “recovered” and no longer be in isolation. Seven days must have passed from their beginning of symptoms AND 72 hours must have passed from when their symptoms and fever ended. If both of these things have occurred, a patient is out of that “window” and need no longer isolate. 

HOWEVER, those patients who have thankfully recovered and are out of that “window”, although they no longer need to isolate at home, they must still practice social distancing, leaving home only if needed, maintaining 6 feet between themselves and others, and all other social distancing guidelines as practiced by those not in isolation. Within those limits, we are encouraging those that can, to get some fresh air with their children. 

Related to this is the question of when patients are no longer “contagious”.  According to the current DOH guidelines, those recovering and now outside of the “window” are thought to be far less likely to be able to infect others, but this is not known for sure – there remains the small possibility that someone out of that window may still be infectious. Therefore, please continue to practice social distancing, paying particular attention to those more vulnerable. 

We have been receiving many questions related to travel and Pesach. At this time we are discouraging travel out of Crown Heights, and recommending the “Seder-in-place” approach of many other communities. This is both to prevent the spread of disease elsewhere, as well as protect those from Crown Heights who have not been ill.  If there are specific questions, please continue to call the hotline and we will attempt to provide guidance in line with local guidelines. Please be aware that the situation continues to evolve, and we will continue to update the community as new information becomes available. 

Many of those who became ill in the week or so following Purim are currently hospitalized and in need of our tefillos. May they have a speedy and complete recovery b’soch she’ar cholei yisroel. 

A special thank you again to Hatzalah, for their tireless and extraordinary heroism during this time. 

As a community, we continue to struggle against this pandemic, and grieve for those we have lost. May Hashem comfort their families among the other mourners of Tzion and Yerushalayim. 

COVID hotline: 212-901-2000
Errand helpline: [email protected]
To speak to a mental health professional, please call the hotline and follow the prompts. 

– The Gedaliah Society, in conjunction with Dr. Rosen

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