770 Coronavirus Message is Fake News

A message supposedly from Yeshiva World News claimed that anyone in 770 yesterday may have been exposed to coronavirus. The message is false. An official YWN spokesman told Anash.org that it was sent out by “sick individuals.” 

By Anash.org reporter

A message circulating on social media claims that any who visited 770 or 749 Mikvah on Wednesday may have been exposed to the coronavirus, caused panic in the Crown Heights community.

“ALERT FROM KINGS COUNTY HEALTH DEPT: Anyone who visited the following locations in Kings County may have been exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19):” read the message, and then listed 770 Eastern Parkway and the dormitory and mikvah at 749 Eastern Parkway.

The message concluded with a link to a Yeshiva World News Whatsapp chat.

A quick check online can find that Kings County Health Department only exists in California and none of the official YWN accounts carried the message.

An Anash.org reporter reached out to Yeshiva World News for an official response.

“Unfortunately, sick individuals have been creating fake social media messages in the name of YWN regarding coronavirus. These messages are sowing unnecessary panic and fear, to an already anxious community.” A YWN spokesperson told Anash.org

“YWN has published more than one million articles to around 500,000 people each day for more than 16 years building our sterling reputation and becoming a household name. We encourage people to not forward ANYTHING they see in the name of YWN on social media, and instead join the more than 150,000 people already following YWN on WhatsApp and other social media. You can join an official YWN group by clicking on the following link: http://bit.ly/JOINYWNGROUP.”

Anash.org received numerous inquires about the notice’s authenticity. “Whoever made this up is doing real damage,” one reader said, “I don’t understand how someone can sow panic at a time like this.”

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