Mivtzoim Initiative In Memory of Miriam

Miriam Shmueli would spend each Friday going on Mivtzoim, never stopped by the summer heat or the freezing winter. Her friends are launching a mivtzoim project which can be done even during the coronavirus. 

As a true chassid, heeding the Rebbe’s call, for years Miriam Shmueli would go on mivtzoim no matter what the weather. During the heat of the summer and the freezing winter months, Miriam would spend time on Friday together with friends looking out for other Jewish women and girls. She wished to show the beauty of Torah and mitzvos, by sharing the light of Shabbos with them. 

Oftentimes, Miriam would come ready in her Shabbos attire, which surely made an impression on the Jews she met. When Miriam lit her own Shabbos candles, she would then daven for all those she encountered on mivtzoyim. 

Miriam’s weekly mivtzoyim partner felt she had to do something to continue Miriam’s passion, to do a favor for another and to bring the light of Torah and mitzvos to others. With mivtzoyim possibilities changing, chalking the Shabbos times on the sidewalk is a great way to leave your mark and spread the light. In addition, with Fridays starting to stretch long, children, teens and those who are young at heart can get involved in sharing Shabbos messages, right in front of their house. 

“BUY ONE SHARE ONE” was initiated combining two of Miriam’s beautiful attributes, bringing together mivtzoyim and sharing with others. Therefore this unique project was launched to enable you to buy one kit and share another with someone else.

Friends of Miriam are requesting you join – spread the light and bring Moshiach!

Order your kit at Letschalkshabbat.com. Buying one kit means you really get two  to share with someone else. It can be shipped or curbside pickup will be available at Lubavitch Youth Organization, 305 Kingston Ave. Valid thru 5/29, while sponsored kits are available. 

“Buy One, Share One” This special offers 2 full “let’s chalk shabbat” kits, originally each was $36, now on sale for $29 for two complete kits. Each kit includes: 5 piece stencil set, 2 spray chalks, a set of chalk, 25 Shabbos candle boxes and guides on how to light Shabbos candles. The kits can be shipped to separate addresses, allowing you to send it as a gift to someone else. 

To be part of the sponsorship group, contact [email protected] or call 845.393.1951L’iloy Nishmas Miriam Bas יבלחט”א Efrayim Zev שליט”א Shmueli

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