Continuing the Work of a Legendary Chossid

Keren Meir, named after Reb Meir Roness AH, is currently holding their biannual fundraising raffle to enable them to continue in their vital work to spread Chassidus to whoever seeks to learn it.

Chassidus is the air that our Neshama breathes. It is the food that nourishes the soul. It is incumbent upon us to take care of our precious divine spark within; to nurture it and help it thrive.

We Chassidim are lucky enough to have access to Chassidus whenever, wherever, in whichever language we prefer and through a variety of different mediums.

There are those, however, who are not as fortunate. Together with our privilege, it is our duty to reach out and help nourish the souls of others as well. As the Baal Shem Tov declared that Moshiach will come when the wellsprings of Chassidus are spread to the furthest corners of the earth.

As a bochur in 5722 (1962), Reb Meir Roness A”H, took it upon himself to ensure that any individual who was looking to learn Chassidus could be connected with a teacher and learning material. He worked tirelessly to arrange Magidei Shiurim, locations for shiurim, and to provide adequate seforim and learning materials for all of the participants.

As the shiurim grew in number and in attendance, the costs associated with arranging them grew as well and R’ Meir turned to the Anash community to invite them to participate in this zechus. Rabbi Roness’s excitement and passion for fulfilling the Rebbe’s mission was palpable and so many generously contributed.

Over the past 5 years, Keren Meir has been striving to continue and expand this vital work of Hafatzos Ha’Maayonos when it is unmistakably needed the most, as so many are thirsting for the guidance and direction that is found only in the teachings of Chassidus.

Dozens of shiurim are arranged throughout the East Coast and thousands of souls have been illuminated and uplifted by the Chassidus they’ve learned thanks to the incredible work of Keren Meir.

Keren Meir is now in the midst of their biannual fundraising campaign.

Win 2 round trip tickets to Eretz Yisroel and a weekend stay at the luxurious David Citadel Hotel in Yerushalayim.

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Thank you for your continuous support and may you and yours be blessed with abundant revealed good, materially and spiritually, including the ultimate Brocha, the fulfillment of the promise to the Baal Shem Tov, of the coming of Moshiach when the “earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as the waters cover the ocean bed.”


Rabbi Yisroel Botnick

Director – Keren Meir

Rabbi Shlomo Majesky, a renowned Chassidus Mashpia, teacher, and author worked with Rabbi Roness for decades as one of the many dedicated teachers giving shiurim throughout the east coast.

In the video below he discusses the impact that Reb Meir A”H and Keren Meir have had on thousands of individuals and announces exciting plans for the upcoming year!

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