Connection Point Launches At-Home Program

Our children are yearning for an anchor; a sense of calm and certainty. Connection Point, in conjunction with Tzivos Hashem, is launching Connection Point Home, the program that will connect your children to the Rebbe in the safety of their own home.

Like the rest of us, our children are asking what is going to be? How long will it be until we can go back to school and our friends?

Our children, in particular, are yearning for an anchor; a sense of calm and certainty. As Yidden and Chassidim we have the Rebbe to turn to. Watching videos of the Rebbe and listening to the Rebbe gives us that sense of peace of mind and inner calm.

Connection Point, the project of JEM in conjunction with Tzivos Hashem, is excited to announce Connection Point Home, the program that will connect your children to the Rebbe in the comfort of your own home. Be mm There will be 3 parts to this to new initiative: 

1: As always, the goal of Connection Point is to bring the Rebbe directly to our children in a way that is easy for them to understand and relate to. Once a week, we will be broadcasting a short 5 minutes Sicha with questions, just like in school! Connection Point Home will be starting this Friday @11 AM EST, and will be broadcasted on Material for this program will be provided on the website. 

This program is geared for boys and girls from grades 4 – 8.

2: We are delighted to be producing a new series of featured content, which promises to be fascinating and engaging, bringing information and scenes with the Rebbe to capture the hearts and minds of children of all ages. This will be available next week, G-d willing.

3: In addition, JEM has now made some of their top footage favorite video productions available to the public on, and new content will be posted daily for you and your family to enjoy. 

To receive notifications via WhatsApp about new programs being done by Connection Point, click here.  

We hope that you will enjoy these initiatives and that they will bring Chizuk to your children and family in these trying times.

Connection Point Home – Week One is made possible through a generous grant from Yossi & Nechama Dina Katz and Family In the merit of a speedy recovery for all those suffering with CV בתוך שאר כל חולי עמך ישראל!

Connection Point Affiliate Schools:
Bader Hillel Academy Boys
Chabad Youth Melbourne
Cheder at the Ohel
Cheder Chabad Baltimore – Boys
Cheder Chabad Boys, Palm Beach County, Florida
Cheder Chabad Monsey Boys
Cheder Chabad Philadelphia Boys
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago Boys
Cheder Lubavitch Morristown
Cheder Menachem, Los Angeles
Hebrew Academy Boys, Margate FL
Lamplighters yeshivah
LEC Middle School – Boys
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Boys, St. Paul, Minnesota
My Shliach – Boys
Nigri International Shluchim Online School Boys
Ohr Menachem
Oholie Menachem, Postville IA
Oholei Torah
Oholei Torah 8th Grade
OYY Lubavitch Boys
Sacramento Jewish Academy – Boys
Yeshivas Tomche Tmimim Lubavitch Montreal
Tomchei Tmimim, Ocean Parkway
Torah Academy – Boys
Torah Academy High – Boys
United Lubavitcher Yeshiva

Bader Hillel Academy Girls
Bais Rebbe – 8th Grade
B.C.M. of L.A.
Bnos Menachem
Cheder Chabad Baltimore – Girls
Cheder Chabad of Monsey Girls
Cheder Chabad Philadelphia Girls
Cheder Lubavitch Chicago Girls
Cheder Chabad Girls, Palm Beach County, Florida
Hebrew Academy Girls, Margate FL
Lamplighters Yeshivah
Lubavitch Cheder Day School Girls, St. Paul, Minnesota
My Shliach – Girls
Nigri International Shluchim Online School Girls
Sacramento Jewish Academy – Girls
Torah Academy – Girls
Torah Academy High – Girls

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