Concerned Citizen has a Message for Parents

Earlier this morning, someone sent us an urgent request to publicize the following message:

“I saw a kid this morning Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 5779 – 07/04/19 about 8:50am, running through the streets of Crown Heights. I saw him crossing Empire Blvd. south, then turning right on Lefferts Avenue, till Kingston. He then got into a sprinter van who probably took him to camp. The kid was probably between 6-9 years old. He crossed 2 red lights – that i saw, (without looking).One of them being Empire Blvd.!

I’ll [send] a picture without the face. Please post. As a parent it was a frightening sight to see.

Baruch Hashem he is safe in that van that picked him up by Marketplace. But this is very scary.”

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