Company Takes Steps to Rid Infested Items

After learning of infestation in a product, Klein’s Naturals has collected problematic packs from stores and are offering a full refund to buyers.

By reporter

After certain batches of Klein’s mangoes were discovered to have high rates of infestation, Klein’s Naturals put out the following statement.

To all our Customers,

Klein’s Naturals regrets having to inform you of a possible infestation in a batch of mango products with the expiration dates of 09/23/20 as well as 09/26/20 and 10/24/20.
In light of our high standards of Kashrus and quality, as soon as we noticed the issue, we took precautionary measures, we put the above expiration dates on HOLD and stopped shipping them. We had our drivers pick up those products from stores which were shipped with those expiration dates. If you find that you have Mangoes with the above expiration dates, please pull them off the shelf.
Please get in touch with your sales rep for a full credit and we’ll replace it with new product as it becomes available.

Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter. We appreciate your continued business.
Klein’s Naturals P: 718-499-4299 4702 2nd Avenue Brooklyn NY 11232

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