Community Gathers to Mark Yartzeit of R’ Shmuel Finck

By reporter

An event marking the first Yartzeit of R’ Shmuel Finck A”H took place Wednesday evening, January 15 in Lubavitch Yeshiva Hall, 570 Crown Street.

Reb Shmuel, was a well known in Crown Heights as a big baal chesed and tzadakah. His activities included recruiting and assisting many young university students attend yeshiva, and thereby become closer to yiddishkeit.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Simon Jacobson who spoke via live video conference on the topic of eternal life and techiyas hameisim. R’ Eliezer Gold served as MC.

R’ Shmuel’s youngest son Ari Finck made a siyum on Maseches Megillah.

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Photos: Meir Donel

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