Communities Embrace ‘Always Connected’

The latest installment from Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskasrus in their new learning series for women is receiving rave reviews. Designed as a Hachana to Gimmel Tammuz, “Always Connected” examines the Rebbe’s teachings about connection––to Hashem, to our Rebbe, and to our fellow Jew––in great detail.

This dynamic event utilizes text, videos of the Rebbe provided by JEM, and discussion, to give participants practical ways to improve these relationships in their lives. It lends itself well to infinite possibilities in terms of structure. Some communities have explored all three connections simultaneously, some have broken them up across multiple nights, and others have chosen a single connection upon which to focus. A more formal presentation is possible, or a casual discussion and farbrengen. 

The option to use an experienced facilitator remains popular across all communities. One shlucha said,”Thank you so much for preparing this beautiful program! Goldie Plotkin just led the ‘my fellow and me’ farbrengen for our community and it was really well received!” Another community leader told us, “B”H we just finished our uplifting program with Mrs. Shternie Lipskier! It was so empowering and my community loved it!”

The facilitators are also weighing in, saying, “The lesson was FANTASTIC, so easy to teach and so inspiring!” and “I enjoyed every second.” 

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