Come Join a Wedding – From Your Porch!

Zahava Tornek and Menachem Angster are getting married tonight. Come out on your porch and give them a wedding celebration to remember! 

By reporter

Zahava Tornek and Menachem Angster are getting married tonight. Their wedding was meant to take place in a hall, with a large crowd celebrating the establishment of another Jewish home.

But with the outbreak of coronavirus and laws prohibiting large gatherings, those plans were changed for a small venue and a crowd of only 10 people.

Nevertheless, the families of the chosson and kalla want to give them a chance to celebrate with their friends and family and to truly experience the simchas chosson v’kallah they deserve.

“In these times we need all the simcha we can get,” Tzvi Tornek, the brother of the kallah told, “hopefully, this will be the simcha that will be poretz geder, the boundaries of the epidemic, and the boundaries of the golus.

Following the chuppa, at 6:10 pm, the chosson and kalla will be driving around the streets of Crown Heights in a limo, giving a chance for their friends to join in the simcha while staying at a safe distance.

“If you have a car, please follow behind the limo,” family members told, “If you dont have a car, please go onto your porch and be ready to be Misameach and bring chayus!”

The route of the limo can be found below. Get out your instruments, balloons and party shtick. Don’t let coronavirus stop this chassuna!

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