Classes to Review Taharas Hamishpacha is once again proud to present to the community a Taharas Hamishpacha review series, geared toward women. Starting today, Tuesday, the class will run for six consecutive weeks. Six of our newest Kalla teachers will be presenting the classes.

The Rebbe emphatized many times, the need for periodical review of these crucial halachos. “…It is an endeavor that literally saves lives…” (Hayom Yom, 10 Nissan).

This fall series will feature some of our finest Taharas Hamishpacha teachers.

Tuesday, 30 Tishrei, October 29: Nidda with Mrs. Rivky Boyarsky

Tuesday, 7 Cheshvan, November 5: Harchakos with Mrs. Chanie Kalmenson

Tuesday, 14 Cheshvan, November 12: Hefsek Tahra / Shiva Nikiyim with Mrs. Ruthie Sperlin

Tuesday, 21 Cheshvan, November 19: Ones Havestos with Mrs. Itta Broh

Tuesday, 28 Cheshvan, November 26: Chafifa and Tvila with Mrs. Mushky Kaplan

Tuesday, 5 Kislev, December 3: Hashkafa with Mrs. Mushky Kotlarsky

These teachers bring the best of their knowledge and experience directly to you! Review of the halachos is vital to the practice of Taharas Hamishpacha. The Rebbe encouraged couples to review the halachos at least once a year.

Hosted by Mrs. Rochel Leah Eichorn, 1442 Carroll Street between Kingston and Albany.

The classes will be recorded for our website. Therefore, we respectfully request that women with babies use our conference call option to listen at home for this series.

Doors open 8:20 Lecture 8:30 – 10:00

Light refreshments will be served

No cover charge, Suggested donation $10

These classes are made possible by sponsors like you!

Conference call: 605-313-5394 Access Code: 156426

For more details and to receive program notices please email [email protected]

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