Class in Maamar Leads to Passionate Debate

Watch: A shiur in a maamar given by Illinois shliach Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz elicited a strong debate between the participants about the subject learned. “Jews from all walks of life have become engaged by the maamarim of the Rebbe,” the organizer told

A shiur in the Rebbe’s maamarim in an Illinois Chabad House led the participants to engage in a lively debate over the subject learned.

The shiur is given by Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz, Shliach to North Suburban Highland Park, Illinois, and rabbi of the Central Avenue Synagogue. During the past weeks, the shiur has been moved to Zoom.

The organizer of the shiur, Aryeh Leib (“Les”) Blau, told that a recent shiur elicited a passionate debate.

“The debate illustrates how Jews from all walks of life have become engaged and excited by the Maamarim of the Rebbe,” he said.

Click here to view the debate following the class.

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