Ckids Parade Attracts Record Numbers

Full Replay: Ten of thousands of children from all over the world joined Ckids’ parade in a live celebration of Jewish unity.

Tens of thousands of children from Australia, South Africa, England, Ireland, France, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and the USA gathered for a virtual program this Lag B’omer. 

“In a time of uncertainty, it was an uplifting celebration of Jewish unity,” said Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, Ckids director. 

The event was both educational and exciting, with entertainment by ventriloquist Chuck Field, a live concert with Eli Marcus and Mendel Deitsch, and captivating presentation by mad scientist Dr. Shnitzel. Kids were inspired by a sicha of the Rebbe, prayer from the Kosel and greetings from special guest Ambassador David Friedman. Raffles throughout the rally kept everyone on their toes.  

The program’s highlight was a virtual mitzvah march of kids all over the world. Over 800 kids submitted 15-second clips of themselves marching with artistic mitzvah posters created especially for the occasion.

The parade also marked the launch of a new Tzivos Hashem brigade for Chabad houses, with soldiers called up in an honor roll and honored with the 12 pesukim. A mitzvah meter, updated on the spot, boasted over 3,000 new recruits to Hashem’s Army.  

CKids is an organization devoted to providing rich and meaningful Jewish experiences for children at Chabad houses worldwide. This year’s Lag Baomer festivities were open to the entire Jewish community as well, including many Chabad house children who wouldn’t otherwise have attended a parade.   

“Lag B’omer parades were always very important to the Rebbe,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos 302, the organization behind Ckids. “This year, despite all the challenges, we made the Rebbe proud.”
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