CKids Brings Moment of Silence to Thousands of Kids

In a fast-paced world full of chaos and distraction, Ckids spreads Moment of Silence, a campaign dear to the Rebbe that teaches kids what happens when they quiet down.

Imagine a world that is full of goodness and kindness. A world where everyone looks out for each other, working together to make the world a better place. This world is not a dream. 
It all begins with you, taking one moment, at the beginning of each day. 

A moment to stop and think. Who created the world? What is important in life? Do my actions matter?

A moment of silence. 

That’s how the video opens at a new program launching at Hebrew schools around the world this week. Exploring Silence is a Ckids club that helps kids discover what davening really means—in a totally fresh way. The theme? A Moment of Silence, the campaign spread urgently by the Rebbe as early as forty years ago. 

“How often do kids quiet down?” Asks Rabbi Rabbi Zalmy Loewenthal, director of Ckids. “So often we’re focused on keepings kids busy, entertained, stimulated.” This club offered kids a chance to connect to a totally new idea: silence. 

“Davening can feel foreign to your average public school kid,” Loewenthal says “Here we gave them a chance to connect to Hashem in a way that feels natural.” Kids personalized their own “My Moment” journal to help them bring a moment of silence into their everyday life. A sparkling mind jar craft taught kids how to calm their thoughts and focus on what matters. 

Mrs. Tzippy Slavin from S. Clemente, CA shared the outcome of doing this club “A beautiful thing happened. A little girl, age 9 in our Hebrew School told me how she came to school the next day after we did Exploring Silence and suggested the idea to her class. She said the teacher and class agreed and they have a full minute every day. So sweet!

In today’s world, full of distractions and ever-present technology, mindfulness is more important than ever. Children who take a moment to pause for introspection before jumping into a busy day at school are more focused, get better grades, and are overall happier. “My son came back from the event completely inspired—and oddly calm.”  says parent Gail Weinberg from Northern California. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Daily time for quiet reflection is mandatory in public schools across 34 different states. As for the other 26? CKids clubs sat down together to write a letter to their local government stating the importance of encouraging the Moment of Silence. 

The Exploring Silence event is made possible by CKids International, an initiative that inspires children to make a meaningful impact in their communities through educational programs.

“Our goal is to transform Jewish education,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302, “and this time, we did it quietly.”

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