City to Fine $1,000 For Not Social Distancing

As warmer weather tempts New Yorkers to head outside, Mayor Bill de Blasio says people who don’t follow social distancing rules will pay a price.

New York City is increasing the maximum fine for violating social distancing rules to $1,000, Mayor de Blasio announced Sunday.

The increase — double the previous maximum fine — came as the weather is getting nicer and the mayor warned people to avoid the temptation to hang out in groups.

“My message to people is, please be smart and careful, take care of yourselves, take care of others. Keep going with social distancing, keep staying home,” he said.

“No one wants to give you a fine … We’re going to keep giving you warnings before we ever give you a fine,” de Blasio said, adding that fines will be issued when someone ignores the instructions of enforcement agents.

The NYPD and Department of Parks and Recreation are stepping up enforcement citywide, targeting hotspots for complaints and non-compliance.

He also repeated calls for New Yorkers to report large groups and individuals violating social distancing rules by snapping a photo and texting it to 311.

“This is not snitching; this is saving lives,” the mayor said. “You gotta do it, if you care about protecting human lives.”

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