Chof Teves Special: Huge Rambam Discount

Friday, Chof Teves, is the Rambam’s Yartzeit. In honor of this special day, Chayenu has partnered with Moznaim Publishers and Sossover Seforim to offer a huge discount on the The Complete Hebrew-English Mishneh Torah.

Down from $660, the sale price is only $475 and will be offered until Monday.

Why the Rambam?

While the frum world recently celebrated the milestone achievement of completing Shas – the entire Talmud – for the 13th cycle of Daf Yomi, an accomplishment impressive and inspiring, nonetheless, as Chabad Chassidim our focus is different.

The Rebbe gave us our marching orders, and daily Rambam is our calling. Without detracting from the importance of learning Talmud, the emphasis of a daily study regimen begins with Chitas and Rambam.

Whether you learn Sefer HaMitzvos, one-perek-per-day or three, this is one of the sacred channels of hiskashrus to the Rebbe. Making the daily effort to learn Rambam is a guaranteed investment in your living connection to the Rebbe. 

Owning the Set

While many of us learn Rambam through a booklet (like Chayenu or Dvar Malchus) or on a device using an app or website, this convenience does not replace the value of owning the original sefer.

Besides for the invaluable depth offered in the footnotes and commentary one can look up, there is also the Rebbe’s mivtza “Bayis Molei Seforim, a house full of holy books. It’s a most worthwhile investment in your home’s atmosphere, in your community library and in your own learning.

This campaign is not only for sifrei Chassidus , but all of Torah. What a better way to “decorate” your home than with a set of Rambam? If you already own a set, consider sponsoring one for your local shul, community library, yeshiva, mesivta or favorite Chabad House.

To take advantage of this limited Rambam sale visit and use coupon code CHAYENU
Potential buyers can also email [email protected] or call 347 446 5884

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