Chinuch Experts to Address the 18th Kinus Hamechanchim

The Kinus HaMechanchim, sponsored by the Merkos Chinuch Office, will feature Renowned chinuch Experts at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Danbury, CT on 5-6 Tammuz/July 8th and 9th

The curriculum of presentations at the 18th annual Kinus haMechanchim is being formed by the Vaad haKinus which includes some of the best, mechanchim hailing form 14 mosdos and 11 states. Chabad has more than 90 elementary schools in the US and nearly all of them will be sending delegations to the Kinus.

The Kinus will include a number of overreaching themes:

How to develop, יראת שמים  אמונה, and sensitivity to תומ”צ . This will be addressed by a prominent Rav, a mashpia  and Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Schuk.

The general state of the social-emotional development of our children will be addressed in a number of general sessions by Dr. Aharon H. Fried and a special panel of Chabad mechanchim will present a symposium on How to Develop a growth-mindset among students.

“None of this can be accomplished by a mosad chinuch alone, we must involve the parents”, said Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, director of the Merkos Chinuch Office. Thus, the kinus will feature a series of presentation on the topic of: making parents part of the solution.

The Kinus will feature session on: Practical classroom management, How to foster better Communication within the school itself (administration and faculty). There will a major presentation of a Chassidus curriculum for pre and post Bar Mitzvah students.

Other topics to be discussed are:  קריאה, is a pervasive weakness from which a very large percentage of our students suffers and Project Based Learning for Limudei Kodesh,  

International board of Chabad Principles to chair conference

It is quite rare to get such an august group of prominent mechanchim to meet weekly, given their busy schedules. Getting them to create a Kinus program which will be as practical as it is interesting is which is expected as a result.

The Vaad is chaired by Rabbi Shmuel Turk, ULY at Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY with Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, Oholei Menachem, Brooklyn, NY as co-chair. Other mechanchim on the Vaad are: Rabbi Yaakov Garfinkel, LEC< Miami Beach, FL, Rabbi Menachem M. Greenbaum, Cheder Chabad, Los Angeles, CA, Rabbi Baruch Kaplan, SCHA, New Haven CT, Rabbi Mendel Klyne, Cheder Chabad, Detroit MI

Rabbi Mendy Levin, Cheder Chabad, Philadelphia, PA, Rabbi Yitzchak Newman, Huntington Beach, CA, Rabbi Moshe Rodman, DTA Las Vegas, NV, Rabbi Yaakov Scheinberger, HACS, Coral Springs, FL, Rabbi Sender Wilschanski, Scottsdale, AZ, Rabbi Yosef Wolf, Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Brooklyn, NY and Rabbi Avrohom Wolowik, Cheder Chabad, Baltimore, MD.

They are working to create a Kinus curriculum which inspire and inform, challenge and motivate. Every mechanech who attends should come away with real ideas to implement in his classroom next fall.  A number of outstanding professionals have signed on as well as some of the very best mechanchim in Chabad. The Kinus themes are current and practical as well as interesting.

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