Chidon Surprise: Toras Menachem with Nekudos

A unique Memento was given to all Chidon participants, sponsored by philanthropist Rabbi Yossi Katz.

Over one-thousand children are currently taking part in the Chidon Shabbaton, joining peers from around the world in a final competition in their knowledge of Sefer Hamitzvos. The main event will take place Sunday afternoon, where the finalists will display their knowledge and the winners of the competition will be chosen.

This year, a special Memento will be distributed to every contestant: Toras Menachem Volume 1, the Rebbe’s sichos from the year following the Rebbe Rayatz’s passing, with nekudos.

This special gift was made possible through the prominent philanthropist Rabbi Yossi Katz, and in conjunction between Tzivos Hashem – founded by the Rebbe in 5741-1981, and Lahak Hanachos, which was also founded in 5741-1981.

Mashpi’im and educators have long encouraged their students to become fluent in the first volume of Toras Menachem. The Rebbe’s earliest sichos are a treasure-trove of teachings about the significance of a Rebbe, hiskashrus, and connecting to a Rebbe following Gimmel Tammuz. Now, for the first time, it will be available and accessible to the young generation.

The NEW BOOK will be available for purchase this week in stores, and can be ordered online at

The first volume of Toras Menachem is now available in three formats:

  1. Classic: The original volume printed in 5753-1992, and reprinted nine times to-date.
  2. Pocket Version: A soft cover, pocket-size volume (With/Without Nekodos.
  3. With Nekodos: The newest release.

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