Chicago Cheder Celebrates 40

Over 400 guests filled the ballroom of the historic Chicago Palmer House Hilton Hotel to celebrate 40 years of the Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School in Chicago Illinois.

Cheder Lubavitch Hebrew Day School is widely known for solid Chassidishe Chinuch instilling values held dear to the Rebbe, and it is this stellar reputation, that was highlighted at the banquet.

Cheder dean Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, related how when the school started 40 years ago, many Jews in Chicago, among other cities, couldn’t appreciate the value of a Chabad Jewish day school which followed the Rebbe’s teachings. Today, one can only stand and marvel at the Cheder’s accomplishments.

At the banquet, the renowned philanthropists Eric and Gale Rothner were honored with the Seymour J. Abrams Chesed Award, and Arye Leib and Rachelle Benjamin were honored with the Community Service Award.

Three Shluchim and Shluchos were honored for their years of valuable input into the Cheder’s successes. Rabbi and Rebbitzin Meir Chai Benhiyun, Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yossi Brackman, and Rabbi and Rebbetzin Yosef Posner, all credited the Cheder with the growth of the Chabad community, couped with the foresight of Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz o”h and his Rebbetzin, who founded the Cheder with the rebbe’s guidance.

Rabbi Moshe Wolf, the Cheder’s dynamic executive director lauded the school’s efforts in granting 115 students with full scholarships.

Rabbi Zalman Twersky, the menahel, Rebbetzin Leah Perlstein, Principal of the Girls Division and their capable staff of shluchim, shluchos and moros, were thanked for their services and efforts in instilling Chassidishe chinuch and values into the over 1,500 students who studied at the Cheder over the past four decades.  

The Chicago Lubavitch community is one of the fastest-growing Lubavitch communities in the country, including their network of secondary education schools such as the Lubavitch Mesivta and Lubavitch Girls High School (LGHS).

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