Chicago Bochurim Unlock the Mysteries

By Staff

Often when learning a sicha, we would love to look up the sources mentioned in the footnotes, but we don’t have the seforim or time to look them up. Bochurim in Chicago created the solution.

Bochurim in shiur gimmel of Yeshivas Ohr Eliyahu – Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago decided to take the famous sicha on how the giving of the Torah concurs with the law of Bar-Metzra, and copied the relevant text in the source in an easy to use booklet. The bochurim worked long hours to unlock the marei mekomos (footnotes) of a difficult sicha, and they published it for all to learn.

In the introduction, the publishers quote what the Rebbe said that by learning the footnotes one will remember that these sources are also brought in another place, which adds much understanding to the concepts learned. They also quote the Rebbe as saying that even one who doesn’t “agree” with the the sicha will gain from learning the many footnotes b’iyun – from Shas and poskim to zohar and chassidus.

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