Chessed Center Closes, Seniors Not Neglected

At the behest of Russia’s Chief Rabbi, Moscow’s Jewish Chesed Center is stepping up assistance to the elderly with a twenty-four hour hotline and fresh meals delivered to their doors.

With Moscow’s Ministry of Health ordering all public organizations to close their doors, the “Shaarey Tzedek Chesed Center” asked all their regular seniors not to come to the center, but to stay home until this difficult time passes.

Meanwhile, at the behest and direction of Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, they are stepping up and intensifying their assistance to all those who are bedridden and homebound. Hundreds of volunteers from the Chesed Center are bringing aid packages to these homes.

A new twenty-four hour hotline was set up, and the phone number publicized throughout Moscow for the benefit of any Jew needing immediate assistance.

The Maimonides Jewish Medical Center , working out of the Chesed Center is available with medical assistance and advice, along with contacts to all necessary medical organs in Moscow.

As part of a special initiative, thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer and disinfecting agents were delivered today to the Shaarey Tzedek Chesed Center.

These bottles were immediately delivered directly to the doors of the needy, along with food packages. Sharey Tzedek’s fleet of cars took care of that.

Those who contracted Coronavirus, or those who are quarantined turned to Moscow’s Bikur Cholim to request help or kosher food. The organization’s director, Mrs. Peri Deutsch, arranged for the kitchen to be sterilized and personally supervised that all volunteers and drivers adhere to the strictest hygiene guidelines, ensuring daily delivery of fresh, nutritious lunches to their addresses throughout Moscow. 

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