Cheder Students Bring Mishkan to Life

Fifth graders at Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago built their very own Mishkan, using their own creative skills and materials


Fifth grade students at the Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago spent the month before Pesach learning all about the Mishkan with their rebbi, Rabbi Yoel Wolf.

After thoroughly learning about all the different keilim and elements that were in the Mishkan, the students were split into groups and assigned a part of the Mishkan to design, using their own creative skills and materials.

This week, the students were given the opportunity to display their work to other classes in the school, and parents came in to view their sons’ projects. The display was open to the entire Cheder, giving the fifth graders the opportunity to explain and display the new things that they had learnt about the Mishkan to the rest of the school.

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