Cheder at the Ohel Hosts Global Gimmel Tammuz Program

Though Yeshiva officially ended on Beis Tammuz, Cheder at the Ohel would not let it end there. A beautiful Gimmel Tammuz program was arranged, and boys from around the world were invited to join.

Though Yeshiva officially ended on Beis Tammuz, Cheder at the Ohel would not let it end there. The Cheder’s PTA run by Mrs. Henny Preger coordinated a highly meaningful Gimmel Tammuz Zoom learning program. The Cheder Rebbis and special guest speakers contributed to this very special day of learning and inspiration. The program was geared toward boys ranging from grades 4 – 8. Hundreds of children from schools around the world were thrilled and thankful to have the opportunity to partake in this spectacular program.

Special guest, Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum program director of Tzivos Hashem opened and began the day explaining the importance of Gimmel Tammuz. Then all the boys davened Shacharis together. MC Berel Shmotkin did a wonderful job introducing all the speakers and explaining various details as the day progressed. 

As per the Rebbe’s request, Chitas and Rambam were taught by the Cheder’s very devoted and talented Rebbis, Rabbi Y. Karp, Rabbi Labkowski and Rabbi Benshimon. Rabbi Labkowski explained the Hayom Yom and discussed the meaning behind writing a pan, then patiently encouraged the boys to do so with step-by-step instructions. Rabbi Benshimon explained Chumash and Rambam. Mishnayos was taught, and Tehillim recited by the esteemed Rabbi Y. Karp. 

A Sicha connected to Gimmel Tammuz was beautifully explained by special guest, Rabbi Chanoch Bistritzky, Menahel of New Haven Zal. Rabbi JJ Duchman, motivational speaker from L.A. California entertained with exciting games of toichen related to Gimmel Tammuz. Rabbi Yossi Mendelson, one of the fathers at the Cheder, did a remarkable job singing Niggunim and was especially honored to do so on his own birthday! 

Talented special guest orator, Rabbi Mendel Samuels did an incredible job farbrenging with the boys. He captivated his audience with stories and inspiration using his unique ability to add humor and creative expression. The boys were left in awe, hanging on to his every word.

The boys davened Mincha together then watched a Living Torah video.

Raffles were drawn and the lucky winners were: Zalman Backman from Cheder Menachem LA, Shlomo Schneur Laine from Talmud Torah Har Sinai in Panama, Yossi Shmotkin from Cheder at the Ohel, Yisroel Yakov Korol from Cheder Chabad Toronto, Mendel Majesky from Oholei Torah.

Prizes include headphones with microphone, Drone, Razor Jetts Heel Wheels, Bluetooth speaker and Razor rip stick.

A most appreciative thank you to all of our Rebbis and guest speakers who made this day such a success. What greater gift to the Rebbe could there be than to provide so many children with this special, inspiring, and meaningful opportunity!

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