Chayenu Offers Prescription for Anxiety

To help combat anxiety around COVID-19, Chayenu released an excerpt from the upcoming book ‘The Gate of Trust’ and are offering other vital resources. 

By staff

What’s more contagious and perhaps dangerous than COVID-19 itself is the panic, anxiety and hysteria we are seeing plaque society. Being bombarded by media reports is leading to pandemonium, fear and heightened levels of stress and worry.

While we are instructed by the Torah to heed medical authorities’ advice and we are taking necessary precautions for our bodily health, what are we doing to protect our mental, psychological and spiritual health? Furthermore, these are not two separate domains or lives.

Our inner spirit directly affects our physical health, too.

Recent studies have proven unequivocally that when one is in a state of fear and anxiety the immune system is more vulnerable.

Thus, strengthening our mind and spirit is not only a spiritual imperative, but a holistic approach for physical wellbeing too. But, how do we strengthen our inner, spiritual immune system?

Strengthening our Trust in G-d

What are some differences between faith and trust?
Faith is the belief in G-d’s existence;
Trust is that He takes care of me and wants my best.

Faith is the belief that all we have is from G-d;
Trust is the knowledge that G-d will provide.

Faith is the belief that all G-d does is for the good;
Trust is the knowledge that we will see the good.

Faith can be detached;
Trust is internalized and real.

Developing an intimate trust that G-d runs the world and that everything is part of a plan, His plan, will minimize anxiety and stress.

But what is the best and most effective way to accomplish this?

In a letter, the Rebbe addresses exactly this question
“The best and most effective thing to do, in a situation such as yours, is to study thoroughly those sections and chapters in our sacred books where the matter of Divine Providence and Bitochon are discussed, such as Chovos Halvovos, Shaar Habitochon, and similar. It is well to keep in mind those chapters and verses in the Tehillim which speak of these subjects, as well as the Midrashim and interpretations of our Sages on them. These things should be studied with such depth that they should become a part of one’s thinking. In this way there will be no room left for any kind of anxiety or worry, and as King David said in the Tehillim, “G-d is with me, I shall not fear. What can man do unto me!”

To assist in the study of Chovos Halvovos, Chayenu has released an excerpt from their upcoming book ‘The Gate of Trust.’

Here are five other vital resources and ways Chayenu can help you during this critical time

The study of Chitas has divine protective powers. Read (and then share) this inspiring story CLICK HERE

Say Tehillim – it has unimaginable power
a) Download the Chayenu Tehillim handbook CLICK HERE
b) Chayenu print now includes daily Tehillim
c) The Chayenu app includes daily Tehillim
d) Create a Tehillim group for someone who needs divine intervention: CLICK HERE

The Chayenu app has over 20 content-rich sections, ranging from basic to in-depth Torah study. Because so many people around the world are in quarantine and/or at home, we are now offering all the content for FREE (3-month trial. Cancel anytime before the trial ends and you will not be charged). CLICK HERE

The Lubavitcher Rebbe explains that illness in Hebrew (מחלה) has the Gematria (numerical equivalent) of 83, and the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah has 83 sections of Halachos, thus making it an appropriate channel of healing through Torah. Increase your Rambam study!

The Chayenu app features three tracks of Rambam study:
1. One chapter per day
2. Three chapters per day
3. Sefer Hamitzvos

And the print features:
1. One chapter per day and
2. Sefer Hamitzvos

Beginning immediately you can purchase a 6-pack of Chayenu, from next week’s issue (Vayikra – through Pesach).

Order for yourself, your family or a friend (USA only) CLICK HERE
*Subject to COVID-19 USPS schedule

Please share this with family and friends and anyone who you think can benefit from the power of Chayenu

May G‑d grant our world healing real soon, and especially the ultimate healing — the coming of Moshiach!

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