Chayenu – Daily Torah Study Wherever and However You Need It

Delivered to your doorstep, tucked neatly into your briefcase for the morning commute, rolled up in your backpack for your trek throughout Europe – Chayenu is there when you need it, wherever you need it. Making daily Torah study easily accessible to thousands worldwide.

For 10 years Chayenu has been providing authentic Torah content to thousands of readers around the globe. 

What began as a small initiative to translate and distribute the daily chitas has grown into a global Torah movement; enabling tens of thousands of people to easily access Torah study every day, wherever they are

Available both in print and digital, Chayenu has a daily readership of 22,000 people throughout 35 countries and 564 cities.

While subscription to the Chayenu does entail a subscription fee, the price does not cover the cost of the overhead (salaries, editing, writing, printing, shipping etc.) required to produce such a comprehensive, complex and widely distributed publication every single week.

Additionally, every week, Chayenu’s are distributed, AT NO COST, to:

  • Hundreds of inmates at dozens of facilities across the country.
  • IDF Lone soldiers protecting our home on the front lines.
  • Subscribers who want (need) to study Torah from Chayenu but do not have the funds.

To cover some of the above mentioned additional costs Chayenu is holding its first ever fundraising raffle.

By participating in the CHAYENU RAFFLE you become a partner in the mission to spread the revealed and inner parts of Torah across the world; in the translated, easy to read and portable format that has become Chayenu’s signature.

Join today at and enable thousands more to study Chayenu and you can WIN $10,000 CASH!

Tickets are just $36 dollars.

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