Chaya Aydel Seminary in Florida will Open After Simchas Torah

The 19th year of Florida’s Chaya Aydel Seminary is scheduled to begin after Simchas Torah 5781 with all health guidelines and precautions.  

The 19th year of Florida’s Chaya Aydel Seminary, is scheduled to begin after Simchas Torah 5781.  

By then, the Hanholah of the Seminary Chaya Aydel Seminary, will have in place, with Hashem’s help and the Rebbe’s Brochos,  all COVID-19 precautions, issued by the State of Florida, Broward County, and the City of Hallandale Beach. 

Chaya Aydel Seminary  offers a challenging and excellent education in a warm, caring, and vibrant environment. The Seminary is named after the late iconic educator in Montreal, Mrs Chaya Aydel (Adele) Lebovics (nee Tennenhaus), mother of the Seminary’s principal, Rabbi Yossi Lebovics.  

The curriculum and program is based on the development of ethics and Midos. The Seminary attracts both students from Lubavitch High Schools, as well as many students from Bais Yaakov High Schools, as well as from Modern Orthodox High Schools. 

The late Mrs. Lebovics of blessed memory and her father, the late Reb Dovid Tennenhaus, of blessed memory, both had extensive careers as educators, including many years in which they taught in the Bais Yaakov of Montreal.  

Courses include Chumash, Sichos, Bayis Yehudi, daily Tanya , Maamorim, Inyonei Moshiach Ugeulah, Da Ma Shetashiv,  Haftora, Gemora, Halacha, Jewish history, JLI, communication in life and marriage, and even educational psychology.

 The 15 teachers of Chaya Aydel Seminary are exceptional. Students continuously look forward, to the exciting and engaging lessons that the teachers prepare. 

All the classes in Chaya Aydel present Torah and Chassidus in a way that brings out the beauty of each concept, ultimately leading students to grow in Torah study and character.  

Not only do the teachers care and show concern for their students in class, but the teachers devote time outside of class to any individual who needs extra help, or attention. 

 Chaya Aydel Seminary has the privilege of having amazing and caring dorm counselors, as well as a social worker on staff. 

Both dorm counselors and the social worker meet regularly with the students to help them succeed and reach their full potential. Life skills classes are offered by social workers and other experts. The dorm counselors are always available to assist students in need and are both very cognizant of the girls’ safety, and well being. 

Aside from all the phenomenal classes that Chaya Aydel Seminary has to offer, students are privileged to be involved in after school activities that impact the Hallandale Beach community immensely. 

Students of Chaya Aydel Seminary participate in a special Chesed program assisting families and individuals in the Hallandale Beach Jewish community and partake in a weekly Chavrusa learning with the ladies in Hallandale Beach.  

Furthermore, students have the opportunity to volunteer for the Friendship Circle, CTeen, and even have the privilege of working in a Hebrew school to teach young children the beauty of Torah and Mitzvos.  

In addition, the Chaya Aydel Seminary offers exciting trips, and activities including world-renowned guest speakers, interactive Shiurim and classes, a trip to Universal Studios, the Everglades, and even a trip to Key West!  
Students are encouraged to take on leadership roles and develop their talents and strengths in the service of their school and community.

Rabbi Yossi Lebovics, the principal of the Chaya Aydel Seminary, is an extremely intelligent, honest, and kind man. Rabbi Lebovics makes every student feels comfortable in Chaya Aydel, and is always accommodating of the girls requests. Rabbi Lebovics puts in a tremendous amount of time,  and effort, ensuring  that the Seminary runs smoothly, and efficiently.

Chaya Aydel Seminary has two spacious, and beautiful dormitories, located within a block away from each other, and in close proximity to the Seminary building. The dormitories are in a central location for Kosher grocery shopping and convenience  stores. Both dorms have spacious bedrooms, newly remodeled kitchens, a comfortable living room area, and a full sized washer and dryer.

Shabbos in the Chaya Aydel Seminary is always something to look forward to. Some Shabbosim  are spent in Hallandale Beach, where students experience eating  at the homes of different families in the Hallandale Beach community. Some Shabbosim are  Shabbatons, at some at the homes of the different Shluchim in Florida. If there is an off Shabbos, Rabbi Lebovics assists students in finding a suitable, and comfortable place for students to spend Shabbos.

Since its inception in 2002 , Chaya Aydel has attracted hundreds of students .  Even after Seminary, graduates of the Chaya Aydel Seminary implement the skills and lessons learned in Florida, and live successful lives. After Seminary, many Florida Seminary students go on to prestigious colleges and universities. Graduates of Chaya Aydel pursue careers in Jewish education as well as in medicine, law, engineering, and business.

Many graduates of the Chaya Aydel Seminary are today Shluchos and Rebbetzins, leading communities all around the world.  

Dean of the Seminary is Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, Head Shliach of Chabad of South Broward Headquarters, in his 40th year on Shlichus in South Broward. Rabbi Tennenhaus is assisted by the Seminary’s administrator, Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, who has been Chabad’s administrator since 1988. 

An anchor teacher of the Chaya Aydel Seminary is Rabbi Mordy Feiner, who runs the adult education of Chabad of South Broward, and is the Shliach in Golden Isles. 

For more information about the Chaya Aydel Seminary, and to register for 2019-2020, the 18th year of the Chaya Aydel Seminary, please call 954-826-7979, log on to or email [email protected].  

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