Chassidim to Study all of the Rebbe’s Torah

Chassidim worldwide are preparing for Gimmel Tammuz by collectively studying all the Rebbe’s printed Torah, and to complete it by Gimmel Tammuz 5781.

Excitement is felt amongst Chassidim worldwide as the holy and auspicious day of Gimmel Tammuz approaches.

On this day every year, each chossid feels how our thirst to connect with the Rebbe and follow his teachings and directives only gets stronger and stronger.

The Rebbe always stresses practical action, and B”H we always see many positive decisions and concrete activities that are done in preparation for this holy day.

It is clear to every chossid that among our preparations, the study of the Rebbe’s Torah takes a major role. As the Rebbe writes in Hayom Yom (9 Adar II): “A chossid’s great thirst to be mekushar (connected) with his Rebbe can be satisfied only by studying the maamarim that the Rebbe recites and writes.”

With this in mind, a campaign has been launched by the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization, Tzeirei Agudas Chabad Hamerkozis, in which all the Rebbe’s printed Torah will be studied collectively by Chassidim the world over. This division of the Rebbe’s Torah follows the tremendous participation of chassidim in a similar division ahead of this past Yud Shevat, celebrating 70 years of the Rebbe’s nesius.

The vast sea of the Rebbe’s Sichos, Maamarim and Igros, which are being studied in unity, serve as a life-compass for the men, women and children of our generation, dor hashvi’i.

A special website has been set up for this campaign:

Everyone has the opportunity to choose a portion of the Rebbe’s Torah, that he will study throughout the coming year, between 3 Tamuz 5780 and 3 Tamuz 5781.

The director of Lubavitch Youth Organization and the drive behind this campaign, Rabbi Shmuel Butman, shares his sentiments: “I am amazed to see that bochurim, and even Baalei Batim  have already committed to study complete volumes of Maamarim, Sichos and Igros!”

“This global study has the threefold combination of Learning, Unity, and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe,” Rabbi Butman noted.

We have complete bitachon and trust that even before Gimmel Tamuz this year, we will merit to be reunited with the Rebbe, with the true and complete redemption, now!

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