Chassidic Stress-Free Life

Is it possible to live without constant stress, resentment or social anxiety?

If nothing outside of you changes today, can you change your life? Can you make your relationships better? Can you feel empowered and joyful?

“Yes, you can,” says Shterna Ginsberg, in a newly released book entitled Your Awesome Self. “Chassidus tells us that we can. This book shows you how, in a clear, user-friendly way.”

In 1976, the Rebbe selected 12 psukim and ma’amarei Chazal as key principles for wholesome living.

Eight years ago, Rabbi Aron and Shterna Ginsberg, shluchim to Boro Park, approached Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski with an idea – to establish an emotional wellness program for non-addicts, based on these 12 psukim and ma’amarei chazal.  Rabbi Twerski was enthusiastic about the idea and offered to help in any way possible. He wrote an introduction to a proposed book and also spoke about the idea on video.

But moving the idea from theory to practice would take a lot more work – and time.

The first thing Shterna did was gather a group of women who would be the trailblazers for the program. With the 12 psukim as a basic guide for topics, the group learned and discussed fundamental concepts that are taught in Chassidus, applying them to the challenges in their lives and relationships. Week after week, along with continued learning, the women came back to share their victories and struggles, as well as newly acquired insights and strengths.

“I prepared for the classes in writing, and then after each class, I’d rewrite the material based on what I’d learned from the group,” Shterna said. The following year, there were three groups. And there were charts, worksheets and clearly developing tools for emotional wellness. But there were gaps. The women were still feeling stuck; the tools needed to be better. For eight years, Shterna kept learning from hundreds of real-life experiences – learning and then upgrading the material.

“Now, thanks to these women who paved the way, we finally have a clear, fail-proof path for personal transformation based on Chassidus,” Shterna said. “I’m so excited to be able to hand people a little book that can be a big source of support and direction.”

Many Rabbonim in the Boro Park community have expressed support for the book’s wide distribution, most notably HaRav Moshe Wolfson שליט”א. The book’s contents were also featured on an international women’s hotline where it gathered much interest and generated incredibly positive feedback.

“All those interested in authentic spiritual tools for emotional wellness, will find clarity and encouragement in this book,” said Rabbi Shais Taub, who is an author, lecturer, and scholar in residence at Chabad of the Five Towns. “The author is known to me as one who has, baruch Hashem, successfully assisted countless individuals in applying Torah-true principles to their lives.”

Your Awesome Self is available for purchase at Jewish book stores and online here.

For wholesale purchases, please call 718-576-0338 or email [email protected].

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