#LetsChalkShabbat: Revolutionizing Mivtza Neshek

In a city known for streets that are colored with artistic expression, mivtzoim enthusiasts are finding a way to tap into that special New York vibe.

The Mivtzoim Depot, a project run by Lubavitch Youth Organization, is organizing this fun mivtzoim campaign for girls and families of Crown Heights, happening Thursday and Friday.

The #LetsChalkShabbat movement, first thought up by Mrs. Chana Mushka Mishulovin, has garnered media attention and set off a global mivtzoim trend.

Participants choose a stop along the 3 train line, come pick up a kit with stencil, chalk and chalk spray, and head out to their location. There, they are going to leave a chalk message about the Shabbos candle lighting time, and distribute neshek and Tishrei guides to passersby.

There are 8 stops still available for those who would like to join.

To participate, email [email protected].

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