Chabad Yeshivos Offer Tuition Discounts

Chabad yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel have offered a 40% discount on the tuition for this month. Will US yeshivos follow suit? 

By reporter

The Chabad Yeshivos of Kfar Chabad and Lod announced to parents at the beginning of the month that the monthly tuition payment would be cut by 40%. Shortly afterwards the Migdal Haemek yeshiva followed suit.

In a statement to the parents, the hanhala of Migdal Haemek yeshiva wrote: “The hanhala is aware of the difficulty of some parents in paying the monthly tuition payments. Additional, it is clear that in light of the students not receiving room and board, the yeshiva’s expenses are less than usual.”

“In order to make it as easy as possible for the parents, the hanhala has decided to give a 40% discount on the tuition payments for the month of Iyar,” they said.

The mesivta in Elad also offered a discount to parents, with 30% taken off the yearly tuition. However parents who received a tuition discount at the beginning of the year, did not receive the additional discount. reached out to parents in USA and were told that they had not heard of any discounts offered by any yeshivos catering to American bochurim. If any such info comes to light, we will iyh report on it.

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