Albany Rabbi Creates Unique Dirah BITachtonim

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Rabbi Michael Caras of Albany, NY, has always been fascinated by technology. Today he is transforming his Bitcoin passion by teaching people about its connection to Torah.

The self-proclaimed Bitcoin Rabbi teaches at Maimonides Hebrew Day School and, in his spare time, enjoys finding connections between the weekly parsha and Bitcoin, sharing them with his followers on Twitter.

Rabbi Caras has condensed the ideas behind Bitcoin in his book ‘Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Good Money.’ Although written for children, the book is perfect for any beginner who is thinking about what money really is and how Bitcoin works. (Available here.)

The Bitcoin Rabbi communicates his passion for his topic via his fascinating presentation entitled ‘Bitcoin and Judaism,’ intended for a college aged/young professional audience. It tackles the basics of Jewish financial laws, the history of money, the development of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and derives moral lessons from the concepts of Bitcoin and blockchain.

As time passes and Bitcoin becomes more widespread, halachic codifiers will need to plumb the digital money concept and establish its practical ramifications. Rabbi Caras is eagerly anticipating the experts’ opinions!

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