Chabad on Campus Greets AIPAC Guests

Thousands of students met with Chabad on Campus representatives at AIPAC’s conference in Washington, DC.

By reporter

Over 4000 students from college campuses across the USA attended this year’s AIPAC conference in Washington, DC, the largest gathering of America’s pro-Israel community.

Greeting the young activists were representatives from several Jewish student organizations, including Chabad on Campus.

With the current anti-Israel movement on campuses today, many Jewish students feel threatened and this affects not only their understanding and knowledge about Israel, but their involvement in Jewish life as well. Chabad on Campus gives students tools so they can be proud to be Jewish and be involved in Jewish activities.

Chabad Houses are among the most active recruiters of free Taglit-birthright Israel trips to the Holy Land provided by Mayanot, and Chabad on Campus runs IsraeLinks, an advanced educational experience for birthright alumni. Both programs provide students with a powerful Jewish experience and a heightened level of Jewish awareness and pride.

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