Chabad of RARA Appoints New Shluchim

Rabbi Menachem and Shevi Aron (nee Rosenfeld), together with their newborn daughter Chaya Mushka, have recently been appointed as new Shluchim to Rural and Regional Australia (RARA).

Australian natives themselves, the Arons are very familiar with the country’s culture and spirit.

Shaul Spigler, president of Chabad of RARA, recently made the announcement. The Arons will be making the move from Crown Heights to Melbourne at the end of January 2020, in time for the Purim and Pesach rush.

The announcement comes at an exciting time for Chabad of RARA. After years of growth, the current directors Rabbi Yossi and Malki Rodal, are in the process of relocating to Newcastle, New South Wales, to establish a permanent Chabad presence there. Back in Melbourne, Rabbi Menachem and Shevi will be bringing new enthusiasm and ideas as they take over the role. 

Heading the Rebbe’s call of “Ufaratzta,” Shluchim around the world work tirelessly to meet Jewish people wherever they may be, and in down under Australia, things are no different. Travelling thousands of kilometers through the ever-changing terrain of rain forests, deserts and sprawling laid back hic-towns, Chabad of RARA has found Jews in the most remote of places over its 20 years in operation. The vast expanses of the land make Chabad of RARA the biggest Chabad house in the world.

The Arons will be responsible for maintaining the Jewish needs of more than 250 small cities and towns around the continent that have no Jewish infrastructure. The Jewish population varies, ranging from 1 solitary Jew, to over 100 in some of the larger cities. They will also make periodic visits and trips around the country on a permanent merkaz shlichus of sorts.

With a major event every two months, there is always an opportunity to help another Jew celebrate authentic Judaisim. Pesach sees RARA coordinating Seders in 12 locations with over 1000 people in attendance while upwards of twenty locations will be able to join a local Chanukah party.  

Chabad of RARA regularly sends tens of Bochurim from both Melbourne and abroad, as well as young couples, all around Australia. These dedicated Rabbis never fail to come back without an array of stories, encounters, and names of previously unknown Jews met in the outback, forests and coasts of this vast continent.

“We’re really excited to take on this new position,” says Menachem. “We look forward to continuing and expanding the tremendous work of RARA. In addition to meeting people and coordinating the RARA trips, we’ll be very involved in the behind-the-scenes things such as fundraising and ensuring that our contacts are up to date. We’ve also got some new projects planned, and can’t wait to get out there and meet our brothers and sisters around Australia.”

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