Chabad of Needham, MA, Torched

Shluchim in Needham, MA, Rabbi Mendy and Chanie Krinsky were astounded last night to find their house intentionally set on fire.

Rabbi Krinsky and his wife are just 45 minutes drive from the metropolitan Boston area. They and their eight children have been Shluchim in the Needham area for 19 years, and have been operating their Chabad Center out of their house for the past 15 years.

At approximately 9:30pm Thursday night Mrs Krinsky was just finishing putting her five children at home to bed when she began to smell smoke.

She immediately notified her husband, but couldn’t find a source for the odor in the house. Upon going outside, her husband found the side of the house on fire. Acting quickly, he notified authorities and extinguished the fire using a fire extinguisher.

The local fire department, together with state and county police responded, ensuring the  fire was fully out and that house would be safe to reenter for the family, who had evacuated to outside.

As of Friday morning, preliminary investigations were underway to attempt to find the perpetrator of the attack.

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