Chabad Chassid Offers Remote Chemistry

These days, during the Coronavirus-Era, Zoom calls feature black-hatted and bearded Rabbis giving classes in Torah, Chassidus, Hilchos Pesach… and chemistry.

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Binyomin Abrams, senior Professor in the chemistry department at Boston University is also a Lubavitcher Chassid with boundless energy and enthusiasm for his subject, which he delivers proudly dressed in full Chassidic garb.

Students describe him as ‘hilarious’ and ‘literally the best lecturer’ who makes extremely difficult concepts clear. He received the school’s highest teaching award back in 2015, and is also currently studying for smicha.

With all of Boston University’s classes cancelled and students sent home, the faculty has moved its teaching to online forums, featuring Abrams in its showcasing of the switchover.

Dr. Abrams now shows up at the empty classroom’s podium, this time facing a webcam, continuing to make a kiddush Hashem in his albeit unusual profession.

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