Chabad and Breslov Enliven Hipster Farbrengen

Chassidim danced away the night at hippy Williamsburg’s farbrengen this Yud Shvat.

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Strains of soulful music and Chassidishe melodies filled the air at Brooklyn’s McCarren Hotel this Yud Shvat, where the students of Rabbi Yoel Roth‘s Yeshivas Tiferes HaTorah played and sang stirring niggunim.

The Breslov bochurim performed for the neighborhood’s Jewish hipsters that are associated with the event’s organizers Chabad of North Brooklyn. As the evening progressed, the atmosphere took on a lively note with the music becoming more rhythmic. Spontaneous Chassidic dancing ensued, drawing curious onlookers.

Aside for the uplifting musical entertainment, guests were treated to an elaborate display of salads, sandwiches, cakes and complimentary drinks from the bar.

Chabad of North Brooklyn, run by Rabbi Shmuly and Devora Leah Lein, gears its programs for the hippy community, but also attracts the neighborhood’s Chassidim who wish to learn Chabad Chassidus.

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