Chabad Album Released After Five Years of Work

Listen: A new album by Lchaim Tish brings together the best in Jewish music to sing classic Lubavitch nigunim in fresh but authentic style. Exclusive tracks on

By reporter

A decade after presenting the first album in the series, and after five years of work, Rabbi Yosef Moshe Kahana released the second album in the “L’Chaim Tish Chabad” series.

L’Chaim Tish is a unique musical project which restores Chasidishe niggunim to their original and authentic version, but with a contemporary rendition.

“We’ve been working on the album for 4-5 years, longer than I’ve ever worked on any single album,” Kahana told, “Finding the perfect songs, some that people are familiar with, along with some lesser-known songs, with an innovative rendition that gives them new meaning, has been a most challenging task for me.”

The new album features top tier singers, including Zanvil Weinberger, Aharele Samet, Motti Wiesel, Yanky Daskal, Yosef Zev Braver, Moshe Damen, performing Chabad niggunim for the first time, some of which have not yet been released on any musical album in decades.

For Kahana, the highlight of the album is the Alter Rebbe’s Daled Bavos. “It’s a song that warms everyone’s hearts, a song that people sings in times of joy, but also in times of teshuva,” Kahana said.

Two exclusive tracks – Daled Bavos and V’yeidu – were shared by Rabbi Kahana exclusively for readers. Listen and enjoy!

To buy the new album, click here.

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