CGI Montreal Excels in Pirkei Avos

Camp Gan Yisrael Montreal is finishing its first month with a bang.

A brand new program, called Chidon Pirkeu Avos had campers across the entire camp mastering and getting tested on Pirkei Avos.

Throughout the summer, campers learned large swaths of the Masechte and participated in weekly tests. Those who scored high enough were entered into weekly raffles for wonderful prizes and the learning classes with the highest averages received automatic rewards.

Last week, the top few campers competed in a Chidon-style game show in front of staff and campers. They were challenged to answer questions without access to seforim and were impressively knowledgeable about all sections of Pirkei Avos.

The program inspired excitement in learning among the campers and the lessons they learned will undoubtedly remain with them. We’re gearing up for a second month of the Chidon Pirkei Avos with more and better prizes and exciting competition. Who will be a finalist this time?

The winners of the first month’s Chidon Pirkei Avos are:
Sections A and B:
1st place (tie): Noach Vogel (from Crown Heights) and Shmuel Lerner (from Boston) 3rd place: Yossi Bell (from Crown Heights)

Section B+:
1st place:  Fitch Marasow (from Montreal) 2nd place: Muleh Pruss (from Philadelphia)3rd place: Menachem Halperin (from Crown Heights)

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