Celebrate OTChai with Kugel From the Rebbe’s Yeshiva

You may have seen the signs. You may have read the signs. You may have even been on the signs. Today, the signs, quite literally, come to LIFE!

Today, Erev Shabbos Terumah, at 12PM, Oholei Torah Chai Week comes to life with fresh, piping hot kugel served from a tent (m’loshon “oholei”) on the corner of Kingston Avenue and President Street.

These 1,000 pieces of living, steaming Kugel serve to launch the weeklong Oholei Torah Chai celebration, seven days of liveliness and livingness to inspire students, faculty, parents, alumni, and community.

What inspired this weeklong celebration of life? A letter from the Rebbe to Oholei Torah, Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5732:

כאטש מ’האט שוין מקיים געווען די מצוה דעם פריערדיגען טאג, איז מען מקיים די מצוה דעם צווייטן טאג, און דריטן טאג, און יעדן טאג – מיט דער זעלבער טייערקייט און לעבעדיקייט, ווי צום ערשטן מאל, און אדרבה, יעדן טאג דארף גאר צוקומען א הוספה אין דער לעבעדיקייט און באגייסטערונג פונם קיום המצוה

Though we fulfilled the Mitzvah the previous day, we fulfill the Mitzvah the second day, and third day, and every day – with the same preciousness and liveliness as the first time. Moreover, every day must surely introduce an increase in the liveliness and spirit of the Mitzvah fulfillment.

The month of Adar introduces an increase in dynamism, life, joy, and celebration. Every single day we must add in lebedikeit, chayos, and life passion.

Building on the Kugel, every day of OT Chai will add another dimension of celebration.

Shabbos will host OT farbrengens and speakers across a wide range of Crown Heights Shuls.

Sunday will feature a joyous Adar dance celebration.

Monday will honor and celebrate Reb Michoel Teitelbaum, the founder and soulful force of Oholei Torah.

Tuesday will be prize, swag, and guerilla marketing day. In true Purim spirit, look out for masked and mysterious nuggets of joy.

Wednesday is tent day. As the sun sets, we launch our annual OTCHAI campaign hosted in various CHAI HOUSES in the community and on OTCHAI.COM!

Thursday is the culmination of OT CHAI Week. You may find yourself bumping into clowns with smiles, stilt-walkers with prizes, living surprises, pickup trucks, videos, and, yes, GIVING!

For nothing says Chai and Life more than the unified giving and perpetuating of an eternal, Chassidic, celebratory, joyous institution such as Oholei Torah.

Please stop by the OT Chai tent while the Kugel is hot!

Wishing you a gutten, joyous, and celebratory Shabbos that’s alive, filled with pulsing, electric, and infinite chayos!

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