Campaign Aims for 70 New Shiurim in Rambam

Project 70, a unique endeavor that aims to establish at least 70 new shiurim in Rambam, is raffling off a Rebbe dollar to all those who get on board.

Are you a shliach? Businessman? A regular Chabad Chossid?

Yes, you have been learning Rambam for many years. Now the time has come to bring your knowledge to the world, to do our part in fulfilling the Rebbe’s dream that every single Jew in the world, men, women and children join together as one, through study of the Rambam.

Project 70 is a unique endeavor in honor of 70 years of the Rebbe’s nesius, aiming to establish at least 70 new shiurim in Rambam. Preferably shiurim of 3 perokim daily (shiur time average*: 45 minutes), but also including one perek shiurim (shiur time average*: 25 minutes), and Sefer Hamitzvos for women, children, and all those who find it difficult to learn even one perek (shiur time average*: 5 minutes).

Besides for the reward of the very act of teaching Torah and especially the entire Torah, and fulfilling the Rebbe’s request, we will IY”H be making a raffle on a dollar of the Rebbe given for the second Siyum HaRambam in 5746 (see picture below), to be raffled out between the organizers and magidei shiurim who join the project. (Online shiurim are also counted, and encouraged.)

To join, simply send an email to [email protected] with your full name (and mother’s name), place of shiur, and which track of Rambam. You will then automatically be added into the raffle.

The raffle will take place on Wednesday 1st of Av, July 22nd at 10:00 PM EST and will include all those who send in their information before 5 PM EST.

Although the new 40th** Rambam cycle has already begun, People are still fresh and willing to jump on board to join a new shiur. Especially since we have still not began the first halacha of “Yesod hayesodos“, and more specifically – in the current situation of Covid-19 – people are receptive to change their schedules and accept new ideas.

Obviously,  the names and shiurim will all be reported to the Rebbe, and will surely bring much nachas.

May this endeavor be productive in the immediate hisgalus of Moshiach now!

For any questions or for more info: [email protected]

Those who already run a shiur in Rambam can join the project by adding another shiur (e.g. If they are running a 3 perokim shiur, they can also do a five minute sefer hamitzvos shiur etc.)

*) Based on survey that we took from current shiurim for three perokim, in the past 39 cycles, for a crowd with a basic Torah education.
**)  להעיר ממחז”ל (ע”ז, ה, ב) לא קאי אינש אדעתי’ (סוף דעתו ותבונתו, רש”י) דרבי’ עד ארבעין שנין. לקו”ת ס”פ אחרי

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