Camp L’man Achai Concludes Reunion with Skiing Trip

25 teens who spent this past summer at L’man Achai came together for a Shabbaton reunion that included a full weekend of fun activities.

By reporter

Camp L’man Achai campers and staff gathered in upstate New York this past weekend for a reunion Shabbaton with fun activities, and a chance to reconnect to the lessons they learned during the summer.

The fun began right at the beginning of the weekend with a surprise bowling trip, during which the campers and staff caught up on their time since the summer.

The group then continued to their Shabbos lodgings, where they spent the rest of the day preparing for Shabbos. The Shabbos davening and meals were in true camp spirit, continuing for long hours farbrenging and singing camp songs.

Motzei Shabbos the campers enjoyed a BBQ & Bonfire in the snow and some seriously fun sledding. Sunday the campers enjoyed a full day of Skiing at Hunter Mountain. Before leaving, the campers expressed their thanks to the and staff made up to stay in contact until next summer, when they hope to return to Camp L’man Achai.

A special thanks to the Teens Division staff for all the hard work in making the Shabbaton a smashing success.

Camp L’man Achai is a Jewish overnight camp that combines an enriched Jewish atmosphere with the best recreation programs. The camp’s breathtaking panoramic view of the Pepacton Reservoir Valley and the surrounding mountains and above all offer an opportune oasis for children to experience the warmth and beauty of their heritage in a safe, friendly, and warm environment.

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