Camp Director of Missing Bochur Releases Statement

Michoel Nagel, Director of the Pioneers Camp in Vermont, has released a statement about a camper who has gone missing.

Dear Parents,

I want to let everyone know that our foremost responsibility is every campers physical and spiritual safety and well being. I am writing this letter to inform everyone that one of our teenage campers was separated from the group on an overnight hike about an hour away from camp. I want everyone to know that part of preparing for any activity involves emergency preparation and training which this group participated in before starting this overnight hike.

As soon as the report came in that a camper had gotten separated from the group the authorities were notified. A full-blown search and rescue operation is underway led by the Vermont State police and in coordination with many local first-responder agencies. Chaverim branches in New York have also been mobilized to help out.

I’ve been in direct contact with the lieutenant leading the rescue operation and he is very confident that the camper will be found. We want to reassure you at this time that all the other campers are safe. We ask the entire Pioneers family to daven for Shmuel ben Chasha. At this time our entire camp staff is busy maintaining the camp program. We will keep you apprised of the situation going forward.

Michoel Nagel

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