Camp Chayolei Announces Head Staff

Camp Chayolei Hamelech in Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania, announced its head staff for the coming summer sessions that begin on Zayin Tammuz and concludes on Daled Elul.

Announcement from Camp Chayolei:

Each year, bochurim returning from shlichus have many opportunities to choose from.

At Camp Chayolei we feel time off from the seder of yeshivah couldn’t be spent better than investing into the future chinch of our own children, the future שלוחים and מלמדים who will be נרות להאיר. We are thankful to those who have chosen to make this choice.

We are proud to announce the head staff for this coming summer:

Head Counselors Mendel TelsnerMendel Rutman and Shlomie Laskar.

Learning directors Zali Shifren and Moshie Golomb.

Camp Dates for 2020 / 5780:

1st Session: 4 weeks
Starts: Monday. June 29 (7 Tammuz)
Ends: Tuesday. July 28 (7 Av)

2nd Session: 4 + weeks
Starts: Tuesday. July 28 (7 Av)
Ends: Monday. August 24 (4 Elul)

EGP (8th grade program): 8 weeks
Ends: Monday. August 24 (4 Elul)

Visiting Days:
Sunday July 12 (20 Tammuz) & Sunday August 9 (19 Av)
From 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. (City time)

For registration and more info, visit

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