California Shliach Continues Rabbi Gordon’s Legacy

Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon a”h was renowned for his many classes, especially those teaching the daily Rambam. A fellow California shliach is continuing in his path and beginning a new shiur on the three-chapter track.

By reporter

The name Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon is associated by tens of thousands around the world with his world-famous classes on Torah that could be found on The ones that stood above all were his renowned daily Rambam class, which are still listened to by many on a daily basis.

The classes, following the one-chapter per day track, were viewed by tens of thousands, and continue to be a valuable resource for the study of Rambam.

With the start of the 40th cycle of Rambam, another California shliach is bringing the revolution to the next level. Rabbi Raleigh Resnick, shliach of the Tri-Valley, in Northern California began a new class where one can study 3 perokim a day in 45 minutes or less.

“The classes are one part of a bigger project to bring the three perokim cycle to new crowds,” Rabbi Resnick told “There are resources, classes, podcasts and much more being planned, all which will be coming out over the next weeks.”

Hosted on, the classes do not read the original text of the Rambam, but rather explains the daily study in English, allowing the class to remain in the given time span.

“The classes are not summaries, but rather explaining the Rambam’s words in English. One can choose to follow along in the original, or one can listen to the class in the car, at work, or any time he has a spare moment,” Rabbi Resnick said.

VIDEO: Today’s class

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