Brunoy Yeshiva Announces Raffle Winner

The winner of the “Brunoy Raffle” for $7,000 cash was announced.

Hundreds of people joined together to support the Brunoy Yeshiva as it celebrates 73 years of providing an outstanding education and a warm, chassidishe atmosphere.

Everyone who participated in the raffle received the incredible z’chus of supporting an extension of Tomchei Temimim and impacting the 350 bochurim who are currently enrolled..

The winner of the cash prize of $7,000 is…

Congratulations to: Sami Dornbusch of Panama!

Our Bochurim are our future; they will become the fathers, educators and leaders of tomorrow. Your support of the Brunoy Yeshiva enables us to provide the best possible care, both b’gashmius and b’ruchniyus to any bochur who passes through our doors!

Many thanks to all who participated in the raffle!

Rabbi Mendel Gourevitch


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