Boys Participate in the Rebbe’s Rally

Over 150 boys gathered in Oholei Torah Zal on Sunday night, to participate in the viewing of a Tzivos Hashem rally by the Rebbe.

The evening was arranged by the new Connection Point program which aims to provide students with the means to hear and understand a full sicha directly from the Rebbe.

“This is unprecedented” said Rabbi Levi Plotkin director of connection point. “To see boys coming in their own free time to hear directly from the Rebbe – no animations, no embellishments, just simply hearing the words of the Rebbe.”

During the Sicha the students fill out a question sheet on the topic being discussed. Raffles and incentives were given out at the completion of the program

The program is now in over 30 schools Nationwide and continuously growing. To bring it to your school or to find out more info email [email protected]

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